Wiring help please


I don't know much about wiring, but when I went to change my bulbs on my coralife pc, two of the end caps broke. I ordered universal ones on line but they don't have a clip sticking out to wire to. I was told to just strip the wires and put in the back but they fall out. Someone suggested superglue gel. Has anyone done this? or have a suggestion? I don't want to burn down my house.


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You're not going to burn down your house.

Check the back of the sockets carefully. There is usually a slot with a brass contact inside that grabs the wire as you insert it but won't let you pull it out. There is also a "release slot" that you stick a tiny screwdriver, paperclip, etc that releases the grip on the wire so it can be removed. If you are accidentally inserting the wire into the release slot, it won't hold just like you are describing. Check to make sure you have the right hole.
Also, are the wires stranded or solid? Solid wire tends to hold better in these sockets. If the wire is stranded, do you have a soldering gun or iron at your disposal so you can tin (coat) the strands with solder to make them stiffer and easier to insert?