Would my 80Gallon Reef tank be overstocked?


I am going to start a 80 gallon reef tank with dimensions of 48"x20"x20". I would like to have 2 percula's, one yellow tang, and one kole tang. Would this be overstocking? I will be using live rock, and a 30 gallon sump/ref with LS & LR.


Keep in mind that tangs are truly 'ick magnets'. You would have a hard tim treating them in a reef. Consider how much live rock...it takes up space so therefor there is less water. Some will say this doesn't matter, but think it over. Less water...less swimming area. It just makes sense, you add live rock, it takes down your 'gallons of water'.
Tangs get very big, I think 2 is one too many. JMO


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depending on how much LR your planning on putting in the tank I would say no your not over stocking it. With that tank I would probably use about 100 lbs of LR.