Would you put a Xenia in your tank?


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I have a ton of Xynia but would only go with the silver pulsing "pom pom". The brown doesn't pulse as much or look as pretty IMO


I hate this stuff!!!!
It's a pretty coral, but not worth the hassle of trimming and keeping it from spreading. And once you cut it back, if you don't get every piece out, it will grow back!


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Xenia are touchy, while they do well in some tanks, in others they fail. They dont seem to follow the water chemisty guidline because some people with pristine water have trouble keeping them. I have alot right now and there are times where i notice a head just melting away and in a few days all is well again. Then all of a sudden they are spreading like wild fire. Its a very weird coral IMO.
I TOTALLY agree. I met a guy today with a thriving Sun Coral, and a couple other "advanced" corals, and he can't KEEP Xenia. The frags just die.
I have an elegance that is thriving, but my xenia doesn't grow "like a weed." It pulses alot, but it does not spread.
So like PD said, this coral is unpredictable, and does not seem to follow any rules. I have heard it like high nitrates, and will thrive in otherwise "dirty water," but I dont know that to be 100% true.


it will grow like crazy in some tanks and not in others. It grows like crazy in mine and i actually did what was suggested earlier in this thread about 3 months ago (attaching it to a rock in the sand) and it engulfed the rock, but can't go anywhere else. I love it!