xenia is taking over!!!


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hey guys, i havent been on for a while!
I have a problem and dont know what to do! i started out with two TINY TINY TINY pieces of xenia that hitch hiked on a small piece of LR, and now they have taken over my tank! the two frags where so unhealthy i thought they wouldn't make it. the xenia has started to grow over my star polys. i dont want to just frag them and throw them away...and i have no FS close to me that will give me credit for them. what do u guys recommend? ill post a pic as soon as possible.


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so basically my tank is two islands and the xenia has taken over one of the islands. there are some zoos buried in the xenia forest there that i wish i could see... the island with smallest amount of xenia where all fragged once but they grew back in about a month. LOL


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I would gladly pay for shipping if you will send me some. Please don't kill it! I will take all you will send me. If you need it, I can give you full instructions on how package it and how to send it.


try trading your LFS i know mine loves xenia and they take what they can. just frag some and get something that growls slower haha.


Some stores won't accept xenia or other weedy corals. Some people have trouble getting xenia to grow; however others end up in your shoes. Most stores will give you store credit for any frags you bring in, as long as they have enough customers to purchase the xenia and they definitely should. The local fish store here in my town won't give credit for anything. They will take it from you but they won't give you anything for it. That's their policy, athough alot of stores are really good about giving store credit as usually small frags of xenia can go for $15-$30. They can make a fairly good profit off of you this way + you get a little bit of credit. If you leave any piece of the original colony it will just grow right back. Once you cut most of it off to frag; use a un-used tooth brush and scrub the rest off the rock. This way it wont grow back on you. I would get it off of those polyps asap as it will deny them needed light. It can kill corals this way.
I can send you some too flower. I have quite a bit I need to chop down to make way for my coral orders that are coming in this week. Im tempted to just send you a piece of live rock lol, it might actually be easier. I already have styrofoam coolers and bags. I can grab some heat packs tonight (I need some more anyways + I have to go to work.)


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oh hey guys, sorry i didnt respond earlier, i havent been on this site for a while and i keep on forgetting. hey Flower can you give me instructions on how to send them to you? if i dont find an LFS soon that will give me credit i will gladly send you as much as i can. they are really healthy and they pulsate non stop. my nitrates are down into the negatives because of them LOL. i have had xenia spread out like this b4 but they usually start to die when the nitrates are all gone IME. so to keep them healthy and alive i feed them phytoplex by kent.
A tip to you xenia owners who are having trouble growing ur xenias, feed them coral accel and phytoplex by KENT every other day and you wont be able to stop them from growing. just like mine...


This is funny because about two minutes ago I did an update on a post I did about a year ago in which I was worried about whether or not my Xenia would spread. Well...it did. It's huge but it's cool.