Yellow-tailed Damsel pair

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I have a pair of yellow tail damsels purchased from that have yet to spawn but my research stated that damsel fry ar smaller than clown fish fry and need smaller first foods. Rotifers were recommended by other breeders. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because they are a young pair. I have them inbare bottom brood tank because they moved the little bit of sand to the opposite side and left it bare under their little rock "castle". I would really like to be successful at breeding these guys, considering their favorability in the hobby. Any advice will be absorbed and greatly appreciated:)


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Hi and welcome to the forums! Very few of us actually breed marine fishes on these forums. I do have a working knowledge of damsels, however, I am more familiar with clownfish.
Yes, they are a very popular fish in the hobby, but if your plan is to make money, it is the wrong fish to breed. Considering that the average aquacultured clownfish sells for about $25, the average wholesale clownfish costs between $4 and $6. The problem with damsels is they sell for $4 and wholesale they cost anywhere between $0.20 and $0.60.... you would never make any money.
IF you are doing this out of being a responsible hobbyist - and trying to offer aquacultured damsels (out of the goodness of your heart) then by all means, go for it.
You will have to cuture phytoplankton / greenwater to be able to grow rotifers. It's recommended that you start your rotifer cultures DAYS before they get ready to hatch. It's also best to use greenwater in the actual larval rearing tank as it will improve water quality. Enriched rotifers are fed quite often until a couple of days before metamorphosis... then you will want to start feeding newly hatched baby brine shrimp.
Good luck and I wish you the best! Let us know how everything goes or doesn't.