Yellow Watchman Goby


Im getting a Yellow Watchman Goby this weekend for my 5 gallon. there is one fish in there and the rest will be coral. Do you think he will do fine in the tank of that size? The tank water is perfect, I just need to know if he will be fine. its a present.


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whats the other fish? and well in a tank that small unless you have a top i would worry about it jumping out, gobys tend to be jumpers. and i would only do 1 fish in a tank that small unless its like 2 nano gobys
Can I keep one in a 20 tall, I have experience in the field of about 2 years. Live aquarium which is my go to says it needs a 30. But with the AqAdvisor it says my bio load will still be only 87 percent. Really want to have a goby so I can group it with a pistol shrimp and the yellow watchman is my favorite. I saw the prawn goby and the hi-fin are 10 gallons but would like some thoughts on the yellow wat. in a 20. Thanks Kodi nox guys you are the best!