your 75 gallons

my 75 I got a...
-yellow tang
-blue deamsel
-coral beauty
-strawberry (something)
-2 scooter blennies
-bi color blennie
-2 emerald crabs
-brittle star
-clean up crew? that's a total of 8 fishes in a reef tank!
U guys think thats too much or what ? FSHHUB I agree with you... I added all these fishes over the period of a year and havent lost a coral or a fish yet....:D


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bacardi-I counted around 30 inches of adult size fish. While a bit on the high side, s/b ok given that most are rather small for the exception of YT. They are also well positioned in that some are bottom dwellers while others are mid water dwellers. Some are active swimmers and someare less so. IMO s/b ok.
Yes I try to let it maintain it self with the varitety of animals. Yes they are all small and will remain small except for the yellow tang :) I do cal, and alk, daily. lugos' iodine once a week and strontium... I feed corals every sat. e.s.v phytoplankton, and fish every wed. So far a year has gone by and no loses at all except for a very big sally footed crab (think he grew old) had him for two years.
That has always been something that I like, the diversity makes great (BIO) :D My fish are healthy and happy and my tank is very clean........


I respect the hobby and I see rather good responses from all ends, but some people just take things a little too far..........Thats all I'm saying about this topic!


bacardi, u only feed ur fish once a week? ooo maybe i should feed mine less
anyway.....i like reefs and fowlr cuz not a lota rock looks boring. its ur choice on the stocking. if i cant decide wat to get, i go to store, look around, and if i instatnly c sumthin that catches my eye, then i do sum reserch and usually buy it

sinner's girl

right now there is just a big old damsel. but soon, maybe this summer, i'd like to move the damsel and put what's in the 55gl in there and add some stuff.


First off, amazing tank! That is an example of everything I hope to achieve in this hobby.
One question though. It looks like you have an Emperor 400. What kind of filter media do have placed inside of it if any?
Sorry to change the subject.


Impressive website!
I wouldn't have the balance to be able to do any of those things, even on the ground!