your first coral



I believe my first coral, that I bought, was a small piece of "spatella" or atleast thats what the lfs called it.


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Not having a clue what I was doing I bought a RTNing Hydnopora (pic on left) out of the damaged coral tank of my LFS. I had to learn on the run but I fragged it and it is still alive (pic on right). Many reefers at my local reef club have a piece of this Hydno and SPSFreak100 and Tangsfornothing on this board both also have some!


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Current reef... finger leather. I think I bought something else at the same time too though. One of my ricordeas I think. :cool:


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My first soft coral was a colony of mushrooms. My first Large polyped scleractinian (LPS) was a Hammar. My first Small polyped scleractinian (SPS) was a Hyndophora.
The Hydnophora I got from you is now doing great! The receding has stopped and it has an amazing flourecent green color!

the claw

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DVS THat is SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been looking for a brain like that for several years. Love the color.


Scalymia which included a NICE collection of hydroids that the LFS said were a harmless macro algae that then spread around the tank. Never again will I buy a coral that has something that cannot be readily identified on it!!!


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My first were some blue ricordias. All but one died, and that one is now about 4" across- Beautiful!
Bigmac- How fast did your hammer grow, and how can you tell if it is a NON-branching hammer? Mine is one branch and huge! Hairtrigger wants it, but aint nobody gettin' their hands on it!


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Four years ago I bought a Gonoporia "Flower Pot" it lived for a year, and I thought I did awesome:rolleyes: Second coral I ever bought was some mushrooms, they are still alive well, and fragged multiple times. Man If icould go back in time I never would of got that gono;)