Zoanthid ID

This may be impossible to identify at this point. I ordered the "3150 Zoos- Assorted 10-15 Polyps" from the store here at saltwaterfish.com. They just came in today. They are still trying to open, but this is what they look like so far.

They seem to be brown, with green in the middle. I know there are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of varieties. But I thought someone else might've ordered some from here, and have an idea what they are. I owned some zoanthids in the past, but it was when I had my cheap 20watt bulb over my tank. They eventually died. I now have a Maxspect Razor LED system over it. But I'm still just kind of scared that these will turn out like the others. I'd like to do the right side of my tank in mainly zoanthids. Here is my tank right now:
Hey, not much different. They seem to be spreading. I purchased them for $9 off of this site. They are brown with a green face. They probably don't have a designer name. But maybe they will morph into something cool and I'll call them something crazy. I will try to get a photo of them though soon.


They look like green button polyps. I have some myself. I will post a pic later tonight when I get home.