Zoas / Yumas For Sale


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Before you seal that box, did I see..." have a lot left to list"???
Like what??? just worked a ton of OT, and since you are shipping this great box to me anyway...Hmmmmm???? Softies, easy sps, have MH lights, great water, am trading off the big fish....let me know, still have some paypal $$


Christye1122 & NETimreefer, I apologize for the delayed reply. I have to snap some pics, and get them posted still. I can hold off on mailing out until tomorrow if you would like. Only thing is I only have about an hour for you to decide.
nissan577 I am in Winter Haven, almost dead center of Orlando and Tampa. Roughly 3 hours from Miami. I have a ton of yumas, and have several zoas I can frag. I will have some duncans, purple digi, and maybe some blue chalice to add to my post.


Oh I really wanted #5 and #9 but they are gone, gone, gone. However, #16 is really pretty too so I will be happy to buy it and give it a good home. If you will PM me your PayPal address I can pay you.
Can you tell me the Express shipping charge to 94566 (near San Francisco)?
Do you have any of the rainbow colored ricordia (like #5)?