ADHI Model 60 Berlin Sump Reviews

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ADHI Model 60 Berlin Sump. Rated for aquariums up to 300 gallons.42-inches x 18-inches x 18-inches (LxWxH). Includes dual 1-inch barbed conntection for drain line. First divider wall height 10-inches. Skimmer chamber 17-1/2-inches x 12-inches. Sump chamber 17-1/2-inches x 16-inches. Pump chamber 17-1/2-inches x 6-inches. Will fit ASM G-4 & G-4X protein skimmer. Skimmer chamber fits most drop in skimmers. Max flow 1500 gph. Made out of 1/4 Inch Cast Acrylic Construction. 3 Year Warranty.

ADHI Model 60 Berlin Sump

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