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  • Beautiful but Boring

    Posted by ka3pit

  • Gets along with other fish
  • Does not have any personality
  • I am actually going to see if the LFS will take mine back.  He just sits there hovering in the tank like an outcast.  He is only active at feeding time, but otherwise just hovers there with a blank and stupid look on its face!

Facts & Details

The Banggai Cardinal is a very intriguing fish with its silver and black colored body. These fish have large eyes and like to spend their time hovering in place. Their black tail lobes are covered with white spots. They have two very high dorsal fins as well as large pectoral fins, which aid their behavior. The Bangaii is a mouth brooder that carries its eggs in its mouth until the fry hatch. These fish will commonly pair up and mate in the home aquarium. They like to have ledges in the aquarium that they can hang underneath.Photo by member, Bronco300: Luke Plank

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