Blackcap Basslet Reviews

Facts & Details

The Blackcap Basslet is one of the finest Caribbean fish available for a reef tank with its stunning beauty and cavernous activity. These fish are magenta to purple in color with a black "cap" running from their lip to foredorsal fin. The Blackcap is a deep water fish that is a tough find in the aquarium industry. They are usually found at depths greater than 160 feet; thus they are not collected on all trips and command a higher price. In nature, these fish are often seen hanging upside-down in caves and crevices. They make a tremendous addition to a reef tank, but should not be kept with other Basslets. The Blackcap thrives in tanks with excessive live rock, where they can roam and hide. Keep only one per tank and do not mix with other Basslets or Dottybacks.The family of Basslets are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers. These relatively small fish are usually very colorful in nature and have large eyes. The Basslets are often found along reef walls in both shallow and deep waters. These fish spend their lives mostly hidden within small recesses which they rarely venture far from.Photo by member, saltn00b: Mike Gartner.