Cleaner Pipefish Reviews

Facts & Details

All pipe fish have an elongate bodies encased in bony rings. No pelvic fins but most have pectoral fins and a single dorsal fin. Tube like mouth with no teeth. Small gill openings. Syngnathids can move their eyes independently (like chameleons).Pipe fishes inhabit sheltered areas in coral reefs, sea grass beds and sandy lagoons. Some inhabit brackish or freshwater habitat. They are found all over the world.The pipe fishes swim in a more fish like fashion. They feed on small crustaceans employing a sit- and - wait strategy, remaining stationary and snapping prey that comes near. With their tube like mouth they create a vacuum that draws their prey into the mouth.(Syngnathinae) are slender and have a elongate body, mostly well camouflaged.Pipe fish form pairs. The males brood the developing eggs in a thin skinned abdominal pouch until they hatch.