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  • Clown Trigger

    Posted by lamborghini09

  • Eats everything, extremely durable, usually passive until picked on
  • nibbles on EVERYTHING.
  • Very beautiful fish with vibrant colors with great personality. Will follow you around and beg for food, will lodge itself on a rock when she's full. Does what it looks like flips in the water very fun to watch. Survived 3 ich outbreaks. VERY DURABLE.     Con: Say goodbye to your clean up crew.

Facts & Details

The Clown Trigger is quite simply one of the most intriguing fish to gaze upon. These fish have incredible patterns as well as lots of personality. The undercolor of this fish is black with large white spots covering its lower body. They have orange lips and a yellowish saddle across its snout. The Clown Trigger has a yellowish colored back with numerous dark spots. These fish roam the reefs as solitary animals and do best in a species-only tank. They love to eat as much as you will feed them. They are very aggressive and fingertips should be kept out of the water when they are near.It is normal for this fish to take up to a full 24 hours to recover after shipping.The Triggerfish family is comprised of peculiar shaped fish with two dorsal fins. The first dorsal includes a large spine that these fish use to lock themsevles into places where they sleep or hide. The Triggers are also well known for their blowing behavior that they use to move items around in home aquariums. They will also pick items up with their mouths and move them. This is likely instinctual behavior that has rolled over from their nesting preperation. These fish can be aggressive, especially when feeding.Photo by member natclanwy John Stevens