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  • Sea Hare best turf algae control

    Posted by hassmursalzee

  • eat all the alge in your tank
  • get large
  • These sea slugs may look like they are a weird version of "aqua shrek" who fell into a moss ball but don't let that fool you. These things eat algae like none other. I purchased one because i was starting to get hair algae every where and this guy ate all of it. and what astonished me is that they can and do clean the floor, rocks and the glass.  They motor around the tank and so far nothing has bothered it. I love it and am very glad i purchased it.

Facts & Details

Sea Slugs are part of a Class of Mollusks known as Gastropods. These snail-like creatures do not use a shell for protection. Most Sea Slugs are a shade of green and have an elongated oval shaped body. These creatures usually have ruffled backs which uses increased surface area in order to absorb oxygen for respiration. At the head are tentacles that appear to be "rolled". Sea Slugs are algae eaters.

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