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  • Amazing algae eaters!

    Posted by jetedawg

  • Will eat any algae you put in front of them!
  • These guys will eat your tank algae free!  If you have an algae outbreak you should strongly consider purchasing a few of these guys depending on the size of your tank.  As long as your algae hair is short enough for them to eat you can kiss your algae problems good bye!  They clean the walls and the rocks so well that you can actually see the spots they have been.  I would strongly recommend some of these for every tank in need of an algae eater!
  • great algae controlling snails

    Posted by megboys

  • eat all kinds of algae
  • big and bulldoze over things
  • The mexican turbo snails are awesome algae controlled snails. This is the only kinds of snail that would eat hair algae, provided its trimmed. The mexican turbo snails do well in temperature of 74-78. Anything higher, these snails tend to suffer. I suggest one mexican turbo per 25 gallon. 
  • Great snails

    Posted by donovan

  • Yes, these snails are great.  They do eat up the algae, particularly that found on the glass and live rocks.  However, don't fill up your tank with these snails because they will die off for lack of food.  For 100 gal tank, I would just get one.  They are rather big; about the size of a quarter.   Also, don't place this snail in a tank with hermit crabs, as it won't last long.

Facts & Details

The Mexican Turbo Snail, a.k.a. Trochus Snail or Turbo Grazer, is a very powerful algae eater. These snails can be placed directly on algae patches, including cyanobacteria, and you can watch as they mow right through the algae. These snails are nocturnal and do most of their work at night. They will forage on diatoms and cyano that grows on live rock and aquarium glass. These snails will continue to grow their shell over time, if the aquarium is kept at proper calcium levels. More than one can be kept in each aquarium to keep algae growth down. Keep one per 20 gallons.Snails belong to a Class known as Gastropods, which make up the largest class of Mollusks. Snails grow by increasing their swirling body while producing a protective shell. This shell protects their soft body from predators. They will use a pad, or foot, that extends from their shell which allows them to drag their shell along. As they drag their shell often times their mouth and eyes can be seen coming out from the opening of the shell. When frightened or sleeping this opening can be protected by an operculum, which is a hard protective cover that acts like a door to the shell. Snail identification is based on the color, shape, and pattern of their shell.

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