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  • PJ Cardinal

    Posted by ecross1208

  • peaceful fish
  • nocturnal
  • Pajama Cardinals are a great addition to any tank...reef or FO.  They have multi colors and large eyes.  They tend to hover in one area, and will come out to swim after lights are out.  If you are looking for ana ctive swimmer, this is not the fish.  If you are looking for a nice peaceful easy fish, this one is the one for you.  I have had 2 since February 2009, and have never had  an issue with them.  It seems that once they pick a spot in the tank, they stick to it.  They eat just about anything, and after they have been in a tank for a while, they will feed in the daylight.
  • Awesome Little Fishies!

    Posted by businessadvis

  • Mild mannered, extremely docile, easy to care for, eats just about any frozen
  • Not active swimmer
  • My wife had spotted these guys in a LFS and called them the accountant fish.  They are really neat looking fish and are very well behaved in the tank.  They do not swim all over and rather just sit in one spot or so and hover there.  My pair eat just about any kind of frozen that we offer and will eat flakes.  While they dont move so much, they will let you sit and stare at them.  Probably the easiest fish for me to take a picture of.  When deciding between either the PJ or the Banggai, the only real thing to consider is what one looks better to you.  I am very happy with my pair and I hope you will be happy with yours.  These do better when introduced into the tank in pairs or more.  They are a schooling fish so if you get 4 or more, they will put on a decent schooling show.
  • My little accountants

    Posted by xobklynqt143

  • Very aimiable fish, easy to photograph
  • Not as colorful as other fish, timid
  • Our 2 PJ's were ORA fish.  Our first two actually had one that was very aggressive and kept attacking the other PJ.  He was brought back to the store and exchanged for another one who has done fine.  The moment I saw these fish the first thing I thought was that if these were people they would be accountants.  Don't ask me why.  They are slow moving in the tank which makes it easy to get lovely pictures of them.  They don't pick on any other fish or coral and are rather timid.  They are extremely easy to care for and ours being ORA tend to eat anything we want to feed.  It did take them some time to feel comfortable in their new home.  They both spent the first few days hiding at the back of the tank but are now free roaming and active.
  • pajama cardinal

    Posted by nicolecrista

  • peacfull, colorfull, nocturnal, reef and invert safe.
  • i never get to see him!
  • i got one of these a couple of weeks ago and he has been doing so good with the 2 green chromies that i already have.a very nice addition to any starter tank!! i was also wondering if a tank sometimes will not cycle. i have a 20 gal. that i got for christmas and i have a couple of kenya trees, 2 small mushrooms, a pj cardinal and 2 chromies. i want to get a starfish or a clownfish but im worried that it might cycle when more fish are added. any feedback would be helpfull!
  • Pajama Cardinal

    Posted by lamborghini09

  • unique looking
  • Very shy and very passive.
  • Pajama fish looks very unique and that's a nice way to put things in perspective. My wife calls it crack fish because it's red eyes and weird colors throughout it's body. My dad loves it because it looks like it came from somewhere really deep.   Very passive and it gets bullied alot if you put it in hostile environment. Let it be one of the first fish you put in your tank.    

Facts & Details

This fish may float on the surface horizontally while acclimating.The Pajama Cardinal has a pale colored posterior and a yellow colored anterior, separated by a black band. These fish are colored in spots and have large eyes with a bright red iris. They have two dorsal fins with the second being elongated. They are very easy to care for and like to hover in place. They will pair up and mate in the home aquarium. They should be provided ledges that they can hover underneath.The family of Cardinalfish are a group of relatively small fish that like to inhabit reef overhangs and crevices. These fish are nocturnal and do most of their feeding at nightime. They usually have large eyes, two separated dorsal fins, and short snouts. Cardinals are known for being mouth brooders where eggs are incubated inside the mouth of the fish.Photo by member, GeckoPSU.