Red Sea Reef Lab Reviews

Facts & Details

Red Sea Reef Lab (Ca, PO4, NO3 & 6 supplements). Master test kit for a reef aquarium. Includes the following tests: Phosphate, Nitrate and Calcium plus trial size bottles of Marine Success: Calcium, Strontium, Iodine and Trace. Master test kit for a reef aquarium. Controlled water conditions are of primary importance for the delicate animals found in a reef aquarium. In addition to the basic tests of pH, Alkalinity, Ammonia and Nitrite which are necessary for all sea water aquariums the tests included in this Reef-Lab will assist you in establishing and maintaining the environment for a successful reef aquarium. Nitrate is the less toxic end product of Biological Filtration, which utilizes living colonies of nitrifying bacteria to remove the toxic ammonia that is regularly introduced into the aquarium by fish waste and the decomposition of food. Invertebrates react distressfully to low levels of nitrate. High nitrate levels will stress marine fish making them susceptible to infection. Phosphate is regularly introduced into the aquarium through fish waste and the decomposition of fish food. While nontoxic for fish, high phosphate levels will promote the growth of undesirable algae, which will compete with more delicate marine animals and adversely affecting the appearance of your aquarium. . Excess phosphate is removed by partial water changes with phosphate-free water. Regular testing for phosphate will guide you as to when these essential water changes should be made. Calcium is an essential component in the skeletons of corals and is therefore constantly depleted from the aquarium. To promote healthy coral growth a natural level of calcium must be maintained. Test weekly. For more information on the tests included in the marine lab, please refer to the individual test-lab pages.