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  • Very much overlooked

    Posted by alanadams43

  • Very active, attractive, fairly simple to care for
  • Need algea, can obtain Ich fairly easily
  • I used to own one of these, and he was a neat little fish.  Like the Foxface, these fish will lay flat on the bottom, changing its nice colors to a dull mottled black and grey.  I you see it like this, dont worry, they do this at night as well to camoflage themselves.  They will soon go back to their colorful selves.  These fish can be finicky though when first introduced, and should NOT be placed in a tank with aggressive fish.  They can also get Ich about as easily as Tangs, so these fish need to be Quarantined and your water has to be VERY clean and established.  But if you have a reef tank, and know how to care for tangs, these fish are really great additions.

Facts & Details

This rabbitfish is more outgoing than its relative the Foxface. A peaceful addition to any community aquarium.This fish can be recognized by the two bars that adorn its body. The first bar extends from the bottom of the mouth to the top of the head and masks the eyes. The second runs from the 4th-5th dorsal spine base to the base of the pectoral fin. The body is also marked with blue spotted eye bands and shoulder bands. Behind and adjacent to the shoulder band you can see a silvery yellow area.This species has stout, venomous spines.The rabbitfish should be fed algaes, natural seaweeds, macroalgaes, dried seaweed and a herbivore prepared diet. Meaty foods such as brine may be offered as a treat, but too much can harm them.

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