Wrasse Bass Reviews

Facts & Details

The Wrasse Bass is a rare fish hardly ever available in the aquarium industry. It's collected at depths of 150 feet or greater and not seen at dive sites on a regular basis. These beautiful fish have an elongated body that is orange in color with a thick horizontal red stripe surrounded by thin horizontal yellow stripes. The Wrasse Bass likes to hang out in caves or under ledges, so the proper aquascaping should be made available to them. They do well in the home aquarium, but should be kept in aquariums 150 gallons and larger.The family of Basslets are closely related to Seabasses, which include Groupers.These relatively small fish are usually very colorful in nature and have large eyes.The Basslets are often found along reef walls in both shallow and deep waters. Thesefish spend their lives mostly hidden within small recesses which they rarely venturefar from.These Basslets are often found along the bottom or in dark caves.