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    My Modest Zoa Collection

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    What salt do you use?

    Have used Tropic Marin Pro Reef, Reef Crystals, and Oceanic....... I will stick with Oceanic - best levels out of all of them for me.
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    Zoa Fragger Thing Poll

    Mohawk? Aussie Blue? Nuclear Sunshine?
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    Which New Fish?

    I knew they were best in either single or trio, just thought you mean't 1 and 20% of another
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    Which New Fish?

    Originally Posted by mboswell1982 whats the last fish you have planned? how big is your tank? you might be able to do the pair an still do yourlast fish :P 65g with 25g fuge Either a twin spot goby or RED mandarin goby (LFS gets them in randomly) Originally Posted by Rotarymagic leopards...
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    Zoa Fragger Thing Poll

    Originally Posted by COWFISHRULE as much as i dont want to do this, it seems that this is the popular one. the bumble bees if i get 8 polyps, that would score us free shipping and run 29.14 per person. the corals woudl go directly to flric for growout. from califor to fl, so it would be in all...
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    Which New Fish?

    Originally Posted by -Tara33- if you get the leopard wrasse you must qt for worms as these fish ALWAYS have intestinal worms, so treat before you add him to the display tank Thanks, all my fish go through QT before hitting the display tank. Originally Posted by Truefishman leopard all the way...
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    Which New Fish?

    Adding the 2nd to last fish in my tank....other inhabitants are - Mated pair of percs Blackcap Basslet Banggai Cardinal Leopard Lineatus Fairy McCosker's Flasher Wrasse, Male
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    Which New Fish??

    :( Didn't let me poll :'(
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    Zoa Fragger Thing, The FINAL Debate!

    Originally Posted by metweezer I know CoralJunky and he is a standup guy. I will try to contact him for you. Very much appreciated from all of this ZFA team.
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    Suggestion for SWF

    I'd be down
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    Zoa Fragger Thing, The FINAL Debate!

    I really don't understand........
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    Zoa Fragger Thing, The FINAL Debate!

    Hate to do it..........BUT.... After no communication from a grower, email and PM (after logging on NUMEROUS times after the PM was sent), I have to call out coraljunky. If there is any way you can get in contact with him, it would be greatly appreciated. The last time I spoke with him was Oct...
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    Denver - ZFA?

    Anyone in the Denver Area interested in going in on some rare Zoa Frags and growing them out locally? Figured Colorado would be interested!
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    Sexy Pink Payl

    cool....keep me informed