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I'm 17 and starting my first Saltwater tank. I've had goldfish and tropical tanks before. Now I'm trying something different! I have a 55 gal and need help with a couple questions. What fish are compatible? Anyone have a list of fish that would work well and how many? I'm interested in having clownfish!
How much live rock do I need? Its expensive, but I want to do it right, could I just get a couple pieces?
Do I need a protein skimmer? I have a canister filter, so is it necessary?

Any other advice or tips?
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Hello and welcome. Biggest recommendation is to read a good sw beginners book. Research research and more research. To touch on your questions tho. A 55 is ok but not ideal for sw. A canister filter is not reccomend. A hob is a better option. No you do not need a skimmer. You will if you want coral tho.
A pair of the same type of clown fish is fine. Get them young
Is there a reason a hob is better? I have a spray bar if that helps.
And i wish i had something bigger then a 55 gallon. But I'm still in high school so I'm trying to keep costs low.
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Whatever you do I recommend you simply start out the tank with macro algae and then do the rest. Macro algae will balance out the system, consume ammonia, nitrates (in that order), phosphates, co2 and return oxygen and fish food.

Everything else IMHO is secondary. Skimmers, filters, live rock included.

my .02