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    New Here!

    Greetings all! New to the hobby and super excited. Done a lot of research but with that comes doubt on something could be done better or different according to someone else, this forum seems well informed so i'll give it a shot! I have a 60 gallon tank that I am currently working on getting...
  2. J

    Yellow Tang in really bad shape - please help!

    Hello all, Ever since I was little, my dad always had fish tanks. We had moved into a new house about 20 years ago and he slowly stopped taking care of his 90 gallon saltwater reef tank. We never got back into tanks until the pandemic started and now i love having the fish tank bond with my...
  3. N

    Need some guidance

    2 problems that have been driving me crazy, could really use some guidance on best courses of action. Have a black trigger lost his eyesight due to a parasitic infection. His health is back to normal but it’s quite painful to watch him scavenge for food Not sure if euthanizing or letting him...
  4. L

    Long tentacle anemone help!

    I’ve previously had different anemone but this is my first with a long tentacle anemone. I have many years with experience so I know that the light and water is perfect for them but not sure what is wrong with my anemone, never seen this happen please help. Please only reply back with...
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    I need help with my fish :(

    My fish has been sitting sideways at the bottom of the tank for such a long time and he’s breathing but he hasn’t moved for 30 minutes not sure what to do please help me!!
  6. S

    Cloudy Water

    Hi, I have just started a saltwater fish tank, I am using Bali sand which I have rinsed through with about 30l of water. I have started adding my RO/DI water but the water is very cloudy, I have left it around 12 hours and it is still the same (photos attached) Is this normal or do I need to...
  7. R

    Finnex T5 H/O 4x54watt with LED "moon lighting". Anyone remember how much this was, new?

    Hey all! Regrettably, I've decided to finally sell my most cherished possession: my custom-wired Finnex T5 High Output lighting hood for my "future aquarium". I'll be moving to a tiny apartment and won't have room to store it, and considering it's been 10 years since I bought it and only used it...
  8. F

    First Saltwater Tank !HELP!

    I'm 17 and starting my first Saltwater tank. I've had goldfish and tropical tanks before. Now I'm trying something different! I have a 55 gal and need help with a couple questions. What fish are compatible? Anyone have a list of fish that would work well and how many? I'm interested in having...
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    2 days ago I checked my levels and the ammonia level was fine. Yesterday I bought 2 clowns, a wrasse, a royal gamma, pincushion urchin, and a cleaner shrimp. Today when I woke up the wrasse was dead and all the other fish were dying slowly. I checked the levels and my ammonia had spiked...