Yellow Tang in really bad shape - please help!



Hello all,

Ever since I was little, my dad always had fish tanks. We had moved into a new house about 20 years ago and he slowly stopped taking care of his 90 gallon saltwater reef tank. We never got back into tanks until the pandemic started and now i love having the fish tank bond with my dad. He introduced freshwater fish to me and I know a lot about that area of tanks but nothing about saltwater or reef tanks (if there’s a difference). Like i said, we have a 90 gallon saltwater reef tank and he hasn’t kept up with much. I just so happen to go to the basement to check on the tank and my yellow tang is badly hurt. I tried researching what it should be.. everything from HLLE to black ick but i can’t figure it out. I cleaned out as much algae as possible so i could see the fish better and she’s not looking great. we’ve had her for about 25 years so I’m not sure if it’s old age or a bacterial infection. We plan on doing a water change, i’m going to get some vitamins and mix it into some food and i’m also going to check for stray voltage. Does anyone have any idea what this fish has/what is going on? I know that the scarring/pitting isn’t reversible but I want to make sure she’s in good health to stay around for a little longer. Also, she’s the only fish in the tank. Any help is so greatly appreciated.


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For being 25 yrs old your doing something rt. Maybe try some macro algae. Soak food in selcon. It could be HHLE or just old age. If its HHLE. Clean water and good diet


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That is HLLE. BAD. Also the beginning of an infection in the exposed skin. Post up your water parameters: ammonia, nitrite, nitrates. Post them and not just "they're fine". What do you use for your water? Do you have live rock in the tank? Corals?

Are you feeding this fish marine algae sheets daily? Provide info on the diet. Other tankmates? How are they? Is this fish still eating? See if you can get Selcon ASAP and begin soaking meaty frozen fish food then offerring it with every meal to your fish. Selcon has Omega 3 which is a treatment for HLLE. More than a supplement, though will be needed. More info needed about fish care and your tank set up, and water parms.