FOTW= Foxface Rabbit fish

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I have noticed a lot of people asking about the Foxface so I figures it would be a good fish to start with.
species- siganidae
common name- Foxface
sub species- Siganus vulpinus=foxface
Siganus uspi, Lo uspi=fiji foxface AKA Black Foxface, Bicolor Foxface
Siganus Doliatus =Scribbled Rabbitfish
Siganus gutattus=Orange Spot Rabbitfish
Siganus magnifica=Magnificent Foxface,Metllic Foxface
Siganus Corallinus= Golden Rabbitfish
The Fox-face is a member of the Spinefeet and Rabbitfish family (Siganidae), which are similar in shape to the surgeon fishes (Acanthuridae), but lack the scalpels The nose is long, with the mouth extended, this is how the fish gets its name Foxface The body is oval and laterally compressed
The one thing all the subspecies have in common is that they are venomous and if the person or animal is allergic then it can cause Death by way of shock. Please be careful when working in the tank and feeding with this fish in the tank.
Diet= omnivore, Provide the Fish with a variety of herbivore foods including flakes, frozen and dried algae sheets. They will also graze on some algae in the tank including short hair algae, caulerpa, byropsism valonia, and ref turf algae.They will also eat krill, squid,clam and mussel, and raw shrimp.
Reef safe= They are considered reef safe but with caution they can pick on LPS coral as well as soft corals
Water conditions=72-78F sg 1.020-1.025 pH 8.1-8.4
Social habit= They pretty peaceful towards other tank mates and When young the rabbitfish will school as they mature they will become territorial and will fight others of the same species. Its best to only keep one in a tank.
Hardiness=These fish are hardy but as with any fish you need to understand what the fish requires to live.
How to tell if your foxface is upset or about to attack=
When a foxface gets upset it point its dorsal fin toward the person or fish that is provoking Before an attack.
They do not mind bright lights or sand in the tank.
habitat= This fish needs room to swim along with places to hide in the rocks. They do not mind bright lights and sandy substrates.
when the fish is first introduced it can be nervous and take a long time to adapt especially if there is a lot of foot traffic in the area of the tank.
I do not own this fish so anyone with personal experience and pictures Please add what you have to say.


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Nice job Mike
I will never put another one in my tank....He was fine for 6mths then he bacame a coral eater...Zoas xenia sps you name it he ate it
Thank god he ate out of my hand which made it an easy catch :hilarious


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Great info!! I had the same prob. efishnsea had. Decided he liked the taste of my new lobo brain, and some rics.

tx reef

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The neat thing about a Foxface is the color change it goes through when frightened or sleeping. I need to get a pic of my Foxface in "camoflauge" mode.
I bought mine to rid my reef tank of red bubble algae. He took care of every bit of it in less than two days.


Ive been thinking about getting one.... i dont know of a thing im allergic too... do you think if if i were stung id be ok?
thats my only concern with them. That and my mushrooms
I love when mine goes into camo mode too. When i first got him it freaked me out b/c thats what he did during acclimation but then i learned it was ok. They are peaceful with other fish (at least mine is). He is best friends with my golden headed sleeper goby. Great fish IMO!
camo mode is horrible he loosses most of its color...he looks freaked out i will post some of mine today....
really a good fish to have. very friendly toward tank mates, very shy doesnt like people he doesnt know(or to much movement) walking by......
I just received a very nice foxface from here yesterday. When he gets settled in, I will snap a few shots of him.
Bang, yours is quite nice. Is that a gonipora in your first picture?
Originally Posted by lion_crazz
Bang, yours is quite nice. Is that a gonipora in your first picture?
Well, yes, don't pass that around though.
Originally Posted by seannmelly
Bang guy, how is he w/ your corals??? I've read that they eat Zoanthids and LPS??
She has been a model reef citizen.
I wouldn't. Just thought it looked like one and was going to say that it looked very nice!
Now, I officially know two people that can keep gonipora. You and a very good friend of mine. She has had hers over 2 years now and has fragged it several times for people.


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Love foxface such cool fish. Recently made the mistake of putting two in same tank though. What a nightmare. Guy at the fish store said it would be fine in a larger tank, but oh how wrong he was. Unless mine is just a prick lol