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    Moving a tank

    Someone can help me I hope. Or is this a big NONO???
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    cloudy water

    I know there alot of different ways to cycle a new tank. But I use fresh water mollies. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to acclamate the mollies but they do better in SW then FW then. Do it before you add very much aquascape (making it easier to remove the mollies later). Also don't add much of...
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    cheap jordan af1 shoes

    What does nike shoes have to do with saltwaterfish?
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    Tank Crash,A litttle help please..

    Thats alot of life to introduce in just 2-3 weeks.
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    Issue with newer Aquarium

    The aquascape looks good. Just make sure it is very secure. I alyways use my hand to kinda press down on them to make sure that they won't move. Are you going to get more LR are you going with a FOWLR? I am with meowzer that snail might just might be a mover and a shaker, BUT WOW IS HE HUGE. You...
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    Trying to move a fish - having issues

    get a plastic water bottle, cup the top off where it starts to get big (make sure the opening is big enough for the fish to enter). Then insert it back into itself but backwards. Put a fishing line on it (so you can fish it out with out spooking the fish). Then put his favorite food in it and...
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    Moving a tank

    Not sure if I’m in the right place or not but here I go. I might be relocating for my job 2 hours away. I have a 58g show tank with a 29g sump/refug that has been set up for apx. 5-6mths. I have 2 Percula a colony of star polyps, Pulsing xenia, a couple mushrooms, brittle star, various snails...
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    Issue with newer Aquarium

    Hiya Cameronladd fellow austinite. It took two months for my first saltwater tank to cycle just a FYI. What LFS are you using I found that river city aquatics are about the best in town (even tho they are out for the cash and will tell you any thing that you want to hear). As for snails, I buy...
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    placing Live Rock

    Do you want to be able to clean the back glass? If not then put them close to it so the fish have more room in front to swim around. All in all it is your prefence. Main thing is to keep them secure as to not fall down and scratch the glass/plexiglass.
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    Where to buy cope/amps

    That is a great idea thank you texasmetal. BTW do you keep octopus?
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    yellow tangs sick

    Pictures might help ID it. I have done a little online research and could it be "black spot" disease? Is he/she rubbing on rocks etc.? And or "Oodinium" Welcome to the forum as I am new also here.
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    Where to buy cope/amps

    I have had the tank set up for 3-4 months. I don't have any mandarians gobys etc. I will get a mandarian later after a year r so (or get over run from pods). The rock has been in there 1 month after I set it up. It came from a mature tank and they are coraline encrusted. Matter of fact I already...
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    Can anyone identify this photo of algae

    I had a bubble alge breakout just a month ago. How I fixd it was I took evey LR piece out (as they all had it on them) and scraped it off with a flathead screwdriver and a chisel also scrub it with a brush. It seemed to work and now I have very small amouts of it.
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    Hmm, now we know how old you are

    LOL joe 09.... was gas .29 cents a gallon too =]
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    Will these be OK with my lights?

    Yes I would say you can keep them. You have 4 watts+ per gallon I don't see any problem.