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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    Originally Posted by acrylic51 I understand what your getting at, but I question their uses.... Under my tank where it's more probable for water splash I understand, but other areas not quite so willing to buy into the theory I guess. Lights are usually a big culprit for shorts and I like to...
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    So a simple example is a broken glass water heater, example 1 regular circuit breaker no ground fault, The electric current enters the water and some of it finds a path though the water back into the netral through a shorter path then the heating element, some current will continure though...
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    "More people get killed by 120 volts every year than any other voltage." this is one of those quotes that people love to throw around, Like "More people are killed in autos then in airplanes" There are reasons that these are true, everybody in the US is around 120 voltage power everyday, alot...
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    Asumming you are mounting them to the light frame or heatsinks, If something happens and the frame becomes engerigized and you lean against the frame and stick your hands in the tank to do something then you could possible create a 2nd path to ground where current could flow though you. A GFCI...
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    "I've never known a certified electrician to install more than one GFCI per circuit. If you want them all protected then just install one GFCI as the first outlet in the circuit. Better yet install a GFCI Breaker, they are LESS likely to cause false trips." I'm a license master electrician and I...
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    To Drill or not To Drill...DIY Overflow

    The first time I drilled glass was for 1 1/2 bulkheads so the bit was over 2", I wasn't concerned about breaking the glass but was more worried about the bit slipping. I drilled the like the video on glassholes and it was no problem, the bit just grinds the glass away is very smooth and easy...
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    if you have something plugged into them and it falls into the tank it will shut the device off, be it a light fixture, a hand held tool, ect. What is your intentions for the outlets located up that high?
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    To Drill or not To Drill...DIY Overflow

    diamond holesaws are only like $15. What $15 in this hobby? also very easy to use, just go slow no pushing.
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    415 Gallon Plywood Tank Build

    If you are going to use GFIC then use receptacles, not 1 breaker. And you have to have a ground probe in the water column somewhere also. What GFIC devices do is the monitor the current going out on the hot terminal and the current coming back on the neutral terminal. Code say they have to...
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    New to the hobby with electrical questions

    I don't like having my main pump on the gfi cause I am gone 10-12 hrs a day and hate to risk the gfi tripping. But, If I was going to have everything on gfi I would install separate gfi receptacles, not 1 gfi that protects everything. This way if one gfi trips the others will stay on, only the...
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    Coraline Algae Bloom

    no it needs to come from somewhere. where's the pics?
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    Neptunes 72" Custom LED system.

    are you using all 3w LEDs or a combination of sizes?
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    Any advice on a whole saler license? For corals?

    in indiana and kentucky it is easy to get a business license. Just fill out the from and select the type of business and pay the fee.
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    white round things in tank

    wow those are some big eggs. I can rule out nassarious snails as I have those eggs in my tank and even have little babies now that the snails found a place to lay eggs so the fish dont eat them.
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    Anyone ever get LR from this site? Suggestions on it when I get it?

    my 50lbs had 3 football size pieces and some softball size piece, I was very happy with what they sent. sorry yours wasn't a bit better divided. Mine didn't have alot of color to it either. I don't think my was fiji, it completely filled the big shipping box.