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    New Light Help

    Hi everyone :) So I have a reef tank. I'm a big fan of soft corals, which is mostly what I have in my tank, besides a few LPS (Kenya Trees, Hairy Mushrooms, Frogspawn, Hammers, Toadstool). Basically anything that adds movement to the tank. I have been wanting to get a new light for my tank for a...
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    Maroon Clownfish With White Pimple-like Growth On Chin

    Sorry for the blurry picture quality, but she doesn't like to hold still long. Basically my maroon recently developed this white growth on her chin. She did not have a mark on her when we purchased her, so this is relatively new. I have never seen anything like it before. I do not know how to...
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    Clownfish With Fuzzy Pink/White Patches

    Hello all I need some help identifying what is up with my female clownfish. She has pinkish/white patches on her one side. I have seen Ich spots before, and to me this doesn't look like Ich. These patches are a pinkish/white in color and almost fuzzy looking. I'm not sure if maybe she just hurt...
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    Mimic Tang Bullying Firefish

    Yea I wouldn't say it was vicious. Tang just chases him around when he tries to come out into the middle of the tank. Just felt bad the poor little guy is becoming a recluse lol But he's still eating so I'm not really worried about that. Just don't want him to get really stressed and get ich or...
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    Mimic Tang Bullying Firefish

    125 gallon
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    Mimic Tang Bullying Firefish

    I may be able to get away with a few small pieces. I don't want it too clustered for circulation purposes as well as plenty of swimming room for the tang when he reaches adult size. He's a juvenile right now. I was thinking of possibly introducing a larger fish into the tank. Right now the...
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    Mimic Tang Bullying Firefish

    So I recently purchased a firefish along with a filefish. They are doing great so far, except for the fact that my mimic tang seems to have it out for his new tank mates. The filefish seems to be able to hold his ground, but my poor firefish hides in a little cave most of the day. The only time...
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    FOTW= Foxface Rabbit fish

    My foxface has never had an issue with new fish unless they get all up in his face lol. Only time he was horrendous was when I got a magnificent without realizing you have to have odd numbers of foxface so they don't fight.
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    Blue Throat Trigger...Blind?

    He looks fine otherwise. No white spots or any marks on him. I use a syringe to feed the other fish. The only reason I thought to feed him by hand is because I thought holding the food there would give him more of a chance to eat it, since he doesn't seem to want to get into the fray and chase...
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    Blue Throat Trigger...Blind?

    I don't know if I should post this in here since I'm not sure if it is really a disease, but my recently purchased Blue Jaw/Throat Trigger fish is acting weird. They are said to be very shy when first added to the tank, however the one I have doesn't seem phased when anyone approaches the tank...
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    share your triggerfish!

    Mine is pretty chill too, but I know of a few people that have them and they are complete terrors. I'm praying this one doesn't turn into a jerk when he gets bigger either lol
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    Maroon Clowns and Condy Anemone

    That's what mine is currently doing. She found herself a little rock ledge to hang out on and guard lol
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    Maroon Clowns and Condy Anemone

    I see that makes sense. I heard it was kind of rare for them to host that species, but wasn't really sure as to why. Maybe since I'm starting to add some corals to the tank I'll get some soft corals they are known to sometimes host and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.
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    Maroon Clowns and Condy Anemone

    So I have a quick question. I have a Maroon Clown who had originally been hosting a green bubble tip that I had put in my tank for her. She really loved the anemone, to the point that she ended up smothering it to death. I mean she NEVER left this thing except to eat. Was probably mostly my...
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    1guydude picture thread

    All the corals look amazing! Hoping to start getting some for our 125 gallon to give it some color and movement. For now though all I can offer is pics of my little trouble makers lol