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    Question about live rock

    Yeah I second that! The live rock is no longer alive and will be ok to add to your system, just wash it first with water.....
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    Coral ID

    It looks like a sponge to me...... :thinking:
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    Kip,Caugh em' up.......

    WoW what a setup!!!:eek: Your the Man!!
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    Repair scratches or build from scratch?

    Originally posted by spline9 Ah cool, thanks for the replies. The QT/sump idea would be awesome if my tank was larger than the 55. Unfortunately its not. This was supposed to be an upgrade from a 29 gal tank. Heh. A 55 gal sump for a 29? I have a 50gal reef with a 110gal fudge :D weird eh...
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    quick prizm skimmer question

    I had the same problem! tried everything and no mater what I did ,I can still hear it! they are just loud skimmers IMO. So I got rid of it.......sold it cheap.:rolleyes:
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    my 18g

    got to love them zenias "awesome pic's":yes:
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    Repair scratches or build from scratch?

    I second the QT and sump idea:yes:
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    bored durring the hurriacne 5 pack

    Nice pic's!! thx 4 sharing:)
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    Fully Extended

    Originally posted by spmnarciso Mine does the same. Must be related!
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    65 gallon sps reef profile with many pics

    All I can say is Awesome tank!! thanks for sharing :yes:
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    Sunday 12 pack

    Very nice LooKing Tank :)
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    lettuce nudibranch and peppermints?

    I also had a lettuce nudibranch,had it for 4-5days then i seen the peppermints one day eating it.:rolleyes:
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    A few shots

    wish my tank looked like that!! thats sum killer shots! NICE:joy:
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    What kind of snail is this?

    Originally posted by fishkiller It's a fuzzy snail!:happy: :D :D :D
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    Hairy Mushroom Eating???

    yes mine does the same thing when some food falls on to eh!:happyfish