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    An off topic question

    I have been out of the hobby and off this forum for quite some time, but I thought there used to be a forum section for selling/trading equipment. I tried looking but could not find it. If there is could you point me in the right direction? Unfortunately, the equipment i have is just taking...
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    75 gal reef ready tank FS - western MA area

    I am taking a break from the hobby due to demands of life (work and family). In the next couple of weeks i will have my AGA 75 gal reef ready tank ready (one left corner over flow) for sale. I am selling the tank only as i will be keeping all my other equipment and the stand. The tank is about...
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    what size RO/DI unit?

    I am going to use it for my water changes on my 75g. Are all filter media standard for all water filters? or are there different sizes for different gal per day units. What sorts of upgrades can be made? would that just entail changing out the types of filters?
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    what size RO/DI unit?

    I am in the market to purchase a ro/di unit for my top off and saltwater mix. I see that there are various units out there from 3 stage to up to 7 stage. The water in my town is actually really good (I work at a dialysis unit and they send the water to a lab to test -- the results are almost...
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    Help!! brown stringy Algae

    I think i have eradicated the dino's!!!!! I am convinced that is what i had because it wasn't like any other algae out break that i have had in the past and all the pictures of what i have seen were exactly what was in my tank. I had dosed kalk nightly for a week with a very limited lighting...
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    wavemaker pro question for those who have used the product

    I recently purchased the wavermaker pro for my 75g and have yet to set it up. I currently have a tunze 6025 pump and only one smaller low flow pump. My question is - with using the wavemaker do i have to purchase special pumps? or will any pump work. I am hoping my tunze will operate...
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    Help!! brown stringy Algae

    I have been observing the algae which has invaded. My only water paramater which was off which i forgot to mention before was that my alkalinity was a little low. I have never had my level be low - on the contrary it is usually a little on the higher side. I am not sure what to do to raise it...
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    Help!! brown stringy Algae

    I was trying to post a pic but haven't been able to figure it out. I did test and nitrites and nitrates both 0, Phos 0 Cal 420-440 Ph 8.3 I am guessing my lights are to blame, I'll definitely do a search to see if it is the dinofillanges - sure sounds like the problem just need to fix it...
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    Help!! brown stringy Algae

    My tank has been beautiful for the past few months -- no crazy algae only a little which would appear on some rocks and nothing that my tang and my mexican turbos couldn't take care of. I recently did a 25% water change and then a week later changed my lights from 250 14K MH to T5's -- I now...
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    timer for lights

    I recently upgraded to 3 2 bulb T5 retro units. I am in search for an inexpensive timer. I thought i found a good one at home depot that looked like it had 4 programable timer plugs but each plug is not able to be individually programmed so I am returning it. I have used in the past just...
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    T5 lighting schedule -- suggestions please

    I just received my sunlight T5 retro for my 75g. I have 3- 2 bulb units. The bulbs that i am starting out with are 3-12K, 1 purple and 2 actinic. I am thinking i will have my 2 actinics come on first then an hour or so later the purple and one 12 K then the last 2 12K for a shorter photo...
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    Tank Maintenance Check list

    I am just curious if anyone has some sort of check list of your monthly, weekly tank maintenance. I am someone that survives on check lists. I want to create a check list for my tank to keep me on track. I want to make sure that i can ensure the best health for my 75gal. I obviously know that...
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    75gal T5 lighting recommendations

    Ordered tek t5 lights which come tomorrow !!! I figure I will have to play with the lighting to perfect the look that I want. I ordered 2-12k bulbs, 2 actinic and one purple. I have never used a purple bulb but had read it creats a good look for flouresing corals. We shall see. I'll post some...
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    anemone gone wild

    I had purchased a bubble tip anemone from here. It had been healthy and looked good. My problem that i had with it was that it would not attach and stay in one spot. At night it would stretch out and try and touch other corals (ones that were probably 6 inches away!!) It moved around so much...
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    Coral magazine

    I am always looking to read more up on this hobby and was wondering if anyone has ever subscribed to the magazine coral. If so -- it is pretty expensive $37 for one year and it is only 6 issues. If you get it or have gotten it in the past let me know if you think it is worth the money. If...