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    Maroon/Dark Pink Coraline Algae?

    BUMP! :D [ August 01, 2001: Message edited by: Little Fish ]
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    Maroon/Dark Pink Coraline Algae?

    :eek: I have what I thought was dark pink/maroonish coraline algae, but now I am not sure after reading some other posts. It is growing all over the rocks and sand. Is this coraline algae or cynobacteria? Does coraline algae grow on the sand? It sure is pretty, whatever it is. My water...
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    For those who have ever gone diving in a reef....

    Are you kidding?! I have been diving in Cayman, Cozumel and the Bahamas. I think Cayman has the best reefs of all, but If I were to pick any place to dive, I would go to Australia and dive the Great Barrier Reef. It's got to be AWESOME! :D :cool:
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    Alk and Calc..........

    I agree with Hermit, B ionic is great.
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    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary! I am glad that you are here, you sure have given me and the rest of the gang a lot of good advice!
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    Retrofit Power compacts?

    I have one more question about power compacts? Most of the sites have retrofit power compacts? What does retrofit mean? I see a price difference between retrofit and ABS but am not sure what the differnce is. They are the same wattage, size, etc... Thanks for your help!
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    Skimmer suggestion for 29g?

    Thanks A-Dawg! I am going to buy it today!
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    Skimmer suggestion for 29g?

    Bicolor, where did you find this skimmer for $69 on line? I can't find it for under $79. Thanks!!
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    Skimmer suggestion for 29g?

    Great! Then that is what I am going to get. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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    Skimmer suggestion for 29g?

    My skimmer on my 29g is a piece of crap. I would like to get a new one, but it seems that the small clear ones (not sure of name brand) that hang inside the tank are pieces of crap. It keeps falling apart. I would like some suggestions on what brand/model/type to get for a 29 gallon. Thanks!
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    I just got my first snowflake!

    Pufferlover is right on the money! Please make sure that they cannot get out of your tank, it may take a while but if there is a way, they will find it!!! I used to have a gold spotted moray, he would eat krill, shrimp, silversides, whatever I put in the tank, he would eat. Make sure that he has...
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    Orange Algae?

    Thanks Zackt! I won't worry too much then!
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    Orange Algae?

    My live rock is turning orange in places. This tank has been set up for almost 6 weeks with just live rock and 2 fish. Water conditions are good, is this normal? I have been waiting for purple algae to appear, is this orange algae? If so, is it good or bad?
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    Check out my tank!!!

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    My Porcupine went whacko!

    Mind does the same thing Rumble! They have such great personalities. Thanks for your help everyone!