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    what type of frag is this?

    Anyone know what kind of frag this is?
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    Need your thoughts on updating lighting

    So I have a 300 gallon reef tank and I need to do an annual bulb replacement and I am wondering what everybody runs and likes. I want to keep the same configuration I currently have but possibly change the K of the bulbs. Right now I am running 3 halides (2 10K and 1 20K) and 4 T5 actinics. What...
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    bangai babies in my overflow

    So I was just working on my tank and I looked in my overflow and there are bangai cardinal babies swimming in my overflow. My kids are freaking out, they love it. I have never seen anything like this. I don't know what to do. Not sure I can even get them out and if I do not sure they will...
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    Do I need to add calcium

    So I have been using red sea coral pro salt. Since then every time I test my calcium it is around 500. I haven't dosed calcium since switching. Does this seem right or am I missing something and should be dosing as well? (I use red sea calcium pro test kit) Thanks 300 gallon reef tank 85...
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    sump for 300 gallon

    So I just got a new 300 gallon tank and I am doing the preliminary stages of setup for a reef tank. The biggest tank I had before was 110 gallons so this is much bigger than anything I have done before. I know that I am going to do a refugium and a protein skimmer. What other things do you...
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    Anybody ever moved a 300 gallon reef tank?

    Thanks Beth, Did you place any of the old water into the tank when you did the new setup or was it all new water with all new sand?
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    Anybody ever moved a 300 gallon reef tank?

    So I am intersted in setting up a new tank and I found one used that I wanted to purchase the problem is that it is still currently setup and is being sold with all the livestock, (live rock, coral, fish). Also another factor is it is about 3 hours away not to mention that it is a 300 gallon...
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    should i make the switch to aggressive?

    So has anyone owned a clown trigger? That might be the number one reason I want an aggressive tank. Just wondered how they play with other fish.
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    should i make the switch to aggressive?

    Hey guys I am looking at getting a custom 250 gallon tank and I was wondering based off of everyone's experience what they loved about aggressive tanks. I have always run reef tanks the biggest being a 120 Gallon, but am intrigued by the aggressive fish. I love the triggers especially and was...
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    glasscages or something similar?

    I know review are mixed but most reviews I can find are old so wanted to see if anyone has any experience with glasscages particularly recent? I want to get a custom tank built but I don't want to break the bank. I understand that you can't sacrifice quality with something like this but I got...
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    Need a Custom Tank Built...suggestions?

    Hey Guys, I am looking to get a custom tank built and I have had multiple conversations with glasscages about building this but I can't find any really favorable reviews about their tank work. Anybody else out there who does what they do and does good work but isn't super expensive? (I know...
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    Acrylic or Glass for new 200 gallon build?

    yeah ok that was going to be my next question, just quick google searches showed 3/8"-1/2" but that makes good sense. Thanks
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    Acrylic or Glass for new 200 gallon build?

    I am thinking about trying to build a 200 gallon tank (btw I know lots of risks involved, but want to try it), I know this is a loaded question for tank people but would you do glass or acrylic for a tank that size? Also can you get custom glass or acrylic that is 3/8"-1/2" thick at home depot...
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    Anyone ever had a tall rectangle tank?

    Cool thanks that was the insight I was looking for. Anyone else had same experience?
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    Anyone ever had a tall rectangle tank?

    Not really sure, I got into this hobby because I thought that the clown trigger was the most beautiful fish I ever saw, that was 15 years ago and I have always done peaceful reef tanks just thought maybe I would change it up. Always wanted a snowflake eel too but never kept them with corals. I...