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    Octopus Care 101

    I don't really blog much at all anymore so I didn't see this. Sorry for the wait... although I'm sure it didn't stop you from figuring something out. The wet/dry is great and I wouldn't discourage using one, but the skimmer is more important. The skimmer IS your filtration. Otherwise, you...
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    Sepia bandensis - Dwarf Cuttlefish

    Well, you should Google "The Octopus News Magazine Online". I'd post a direct link, but the admins have always deleted it in the past.
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    I never had any luck getting the one dwarf I kept to eat frozen foods. They are super-secretive, very shy, nocturnal creatures. Hard to work with an animal that doesn't want anything to do with you. Makes it hard to get them to accept non-living food. On the other hand, I've never had a...
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    Originally Posted by Lmecher That's creepy. I have 2 O. mercatoris arriving on Tuesday. That's cool. With any luck you'll get a male/female pair and get to raise another generation. It trips people out when they come over and I hand them a tiny bottle and say "Check it out, an octopus in a...
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    Will ick hurt or kill my invertebrates?

    No, but using any Ich treatments in the tank will :)
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    Yes, that's the guy. I don't currently have an octopus, no. Moved, set up my tank, and then had to move again, and now I'm married and about to move again... so the octopus lover in me just has to suffer for the time being. I live vicariously through folks like yourself until then. My first...
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    Originally Posted by Lmecher The only time he ventures out in the daylight hours is when I clean the tank. I have tried to feed him shrimp on a stick during the day. he will basically reach an arm out and pull the shrimp in. Once he gets the shrimp thats it he stays in his den. I should keep...
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    Octopus in reef tank?

    Originally Posted by Mermaid_dreamR Never mind, I found the answer on and sadly, that answer was "NO" That's not true actually. Not necessarily ideal, but there are some octopus species that have proven to be quite capable of coexisting in...
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    Get your thawed piece of shrimp, stick it on the end of a bamboo skewer, and wiggle it in front of Ollie's den. That entices the octopus to be involved with what you're doing because there is a reward. If you'll do this during the daylight hours, Ollie will most likely begin venturing out...
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    Originally Posted by Halamaya i read that they will use coconut shells for shelters. They carry them from one place to another. They considered it to be using a tool. The first to do so. I wonder if he would. So cool. That's specifically Octopus marginatus.
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    Daytime and nighttime activity differs from species to species, and then some individuals within species will adjust their natural schedule to better suit their care takers schedule. O. hummelincki, as you have, is a diurnal species. Red lighting is most useful for nocturnal species...
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    i got robbed

    I feel your pain. My car window was busted out in the parking lot at my job, during daylight a few months ago. They took my stereo and ripped my dash apart to get it out. Sad part is, it was a fairly cheap stereo, the jerk who stole it probably didn't get $30 for it, and it cost me over $200 to...
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    What's frustrating is when they ask a question and then don't want the answer because it's not what they wanted to hear. Otherwise, I've repeated the same information over and over, and more or less, it keeps it fresh on my brain. I haven't kept an octopus in about 8 months now and I'm having to...
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    New Alice In Chains

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Having lived in Minneapolis, I assure you Prince was not the key element in the New power Generation or the Revolution. Come talk to me when Dirt is downloaded from Itunes more than Check my brain. See what I am driving at here? Um.... come talk to me when...
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    The real reason Libs hate Sarah Palin

    You people are STILL wallowing in this?