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    What Size power head or Wave maker do I use?

    I'd stay away from wave maker controllers unless you know that the power heads that you are using with them don't make noise when starting. I made the mistake of trying to use a hydor wave maker with hydor koralia evolution power heads. It knocks like crazy every time it turns a pump on. An...
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    favorite fish on death bed.

    Quote: Originally Posted by silverado61 And start with a small piece at first and work your way up. Don't just through a full sheet in. Lol This totally depends on your live stock. I feed my tank two full sheets of either green or purple algae in the morning and a mix of frozen food in the...
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    New to Salt Water and setting up a 20 gal

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lyndsey86 We are now setting up our 55 gal. Using our 20gal as a quarantine tank. I was thinking damsels to go with clowns but I've been hearing bad things about them. Think I might stick with clowns and cromis to start out with I would stay away from damselfish...
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    can i grow coraline algae under these conditions?

    It grows just fine for me under either T5's or AI Hydra LED's. I've always been under the impression that the speed of the growth was dependent on the amount of light and the alkalinity of the water. Just like stoney corals. You need to have "enough" calcium to support growth, but higher...
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    Salinity and nitrites too high, best course of action?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flower One should always test for PH, phosphates, Alkalinity, and Calcium. Why test for phosphates, Alk and Calcium if you don't have SPS, LPS or at the very least snails? Phosphate becomes apparent pretty quickly when hair algae starts growing like crazy...
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    fist saltwater tank need help..

    Quote: Originally Posted by jay0705 I think she meant breed food for them, not the fish themselves. I could have mis read tho My bad. I think you are correct. I misread the post.
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    fist saltwater tank need help..

    You mentioned a desire to breed Mandarins. This probably isn't going to happen. Very few people have successfully bread Mandarins. A mated pair will spawn like crazy, but good luck after that. Also...I'm not trying to be an ass, but you haven't done enough research if you think that they...
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    Started a 56G FOWLR tank and could use some help with picking fish

    The skimmer isn't going to do anything for existing phosphates unless you are running a bio-reactor or carbon dosing. Phosphates will make hair algae grow like mad, but probably won't bother the fish too much. I'd do water changes to get the hair algae under control. You probably don't need...
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    Salinity and nitrites too high, best course of action?

    Make sure that there are no micro-bubbles on the swing arm of that hydrometer. Bubbles can throw the readings way off. Even a few tiny bubbles. I really recommend replacing it with something not made of plastic. Preferably a decent refractometer. The best course of action for most water...
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    Macro Algae

    A few people mentioned dosing iron. I just wanted to point out that the directions on most of the more popular iron additives call for way to much solution to be added. The extra iron probably isn't going to hurt anything, but it is definitely not needed. Regular water changes SHOULD keep...
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    can i grow coraline algae under these conditions?

    Simple answer....No. Coraline needs a direct light source. It needs calcium. It needs bicarbonates.
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    Started a 56G FOWLR tank and could use some help with picking fish

    Flower is correct. The best way to get rid of hair algae is to get your phosphates under control. Do water changes. Don't use tap water. You can use GFO to help reduce phosphates. Macro algae can also help. Some foods are higher than others in phosphates.
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    Material For Angling a laptop fan on clamps

    I used to use these when I had a closed hood on my tank. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but it may give you some ideas. I took two Noctua NF-P12 120mm computer fans and mounted them to a board. I mounted that board to the lid of my hood. I spliced the cables from the fans...
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    Clown fish

    Did you mean blue damsel? If so then 3 out of 4 of your fish are from the very hardy damsel family. They will probably do well with whatever you choose to feed them. Some foods may cause algae issues though. The scooter blenny is on the opposite side of the spectrum. They sift through sand...
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    LED lighting?

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 It's growing but pale so I suspect to much light. This piece came from a MH system up top but as I mentioned LEDs are more sourced than broad compared to MH in my trials. I just caution to acclimate slowly and hard to compare the 2 and no real hard science...