snowflake eel

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    Aggressive tank advice

    I’m considering putting a pair of fuzzy dwarf lionfish into my 75gallon tank. The only thing in it at the moment is a small snowflake moray. Would this work, if not, is there anything better to put in? Thanks.
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    170g stocking list help needed!

    This will be my first time having an a saltwater aquarium and I'm quite unsure about what I want in my tank. I defiantly want a dwarf lion fish with and eel but I don't know whether to go with a zebra or a snowflake I've read up on both but was wondering if anyone had experience with them. since...
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    Eel tank mates

    so I’ve got a snowflake eel and a yellow headed/fimbriated eel, and I was wondering what (if anything) I could put with them in a 75 fowlr tank? I’ve already got a small convict tang in a smaller tank that I’m gonna move to the 75 when it’s no longer bite sized. Thanks :):)
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    Eel aggression

    Hi, first time posting. I had a small-ish snowflake eel in a 75 gallon (her name is Rey) and today I got a yellow head eel who’s a bit bigger than Rey. Rey attempted to bite the newcomer right after he was introduced. Will she continue to attack him, or should they settle down after a while...
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    Snowflake Eel

    I was wondering if I could buy a snowflake eel and put it in my tank?My Tank is 75 gallons, with 10 pieces of Live rock weighing from 1lb to 3lbs, A fake coral and fake ship. The Fish I have are a Blue Tang, Blue damsel, Domino Damsel, Algae bunny, Clownfish and Striped Damsel. Could I keep a...