16 cubes a day



i have a 100g tank with:
2 clowns
1 worldly wrasse
2 yellow wrasse
2 foxface
2 royal gramma
1 sleeper goby
1 diamond goby
1 powder blue tang
1 purple tang,
lot of snails
lot of hermit crabs
5 cleaner shrimp
1 copperband (soon-- in qt and eating :) )

i feed the tank 2 times a day and in the morning i feed them 8 cubes of megamarine and 2 pieces of seaweed (foxface will fight over it if i do only one), and it is gone within 2 min and 4-8 cubes at night again gone in 2 min. i cant help but feel like I'm feeding too much. all perms are good and stable. Just wondering if this is normal for this big of a tank