500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef


Chris17, you need to look a little closer. Go to the "behind the scenes" section on the Gallery page...and then go to the first column and the 5th row...click...you'll see the 10lb canister peaking out by the uv sterilizer. As for the reactors, the best pic is on the Equipment page....2nd pic...click it....I don't think that you'll see exactly how the lines are running though....I'm pretty careful to hide running lines.
Magic Carp, sorry, I don't have any close-up refugium pics because there is nothing interesting there. It is just a bare-bottom tank with a pile of rocks that I use as a settlement pond for detritus. It's also the home for my boxfish.


How high off the floor is your tank ( the bottom of the tank ) at in your newly remodled room?? I am trying to get a good idea as to what a good hight would be to put it in the wall. Thanks for your time!!!


I am just curious. ARE YOUR ONE RICH SOB AREN"T YOU? How much did a beautiful setup like that cost. My 55 cost well over a 1000 so far.
hey autopilot. i guess its all about a man's priorities and okays from the significant other (if you have one
) if all of the above line up...you can do many things. i think steve's got it goin' on. i finally have the okay at my homefront to attempt to do a larger tank.:joy: :santa:


only question i have is regarding minimum distance between corals. i've read that hard corals attack each other if too close. how close is too close? many of the corals seem close together in this tank setup. just trying to get ideas, because i want to put lots of corals in my tank, without the chemical warfare.


Corals will fight for space....but, this does not always mean that one has to die. I have montioporas that grow around acroporas....or acroporas that create a barrier where they meet their neighbor and then grow in another direction. All the corals don't need to be little islands unto themselves. Some corals can be completely over-run by others....but, this is where I come in...and trim back the over-running coral. I trim my tank frequently to protect some corals that I want to take no chances.....others, I just let go. To have a tank look natural....and not like a coral museum....you have to let them grow together a bit.


Steve, you have inspired me. Ever since I saw your tank I have been planning an 800 gal for my game room. It won't be a lagoon like yours, but an 8 to 10 foot wide tank. My concerns are keeping the glass clean. I would hate to have the algae buildup I get on my tank now on a large tank and have to use a mag float on a 10 ft tank. How do you keep yours so clean?


I basically use a magnavore 10. If you check out the maintenance and FAQ pages of my website, you'll find some detail on exactly how cleaning is performed.


Well, I envy you, a couple comments, I am guessing you are either not married or your wife puts up with alot, I am guessing this tank takes alot of your time up. I will Love to have one half as nice as yours. Now after looking at your tank, I am so inspired I have to get my but off this chair and do a water change to my 125 gal. reef tank. I dont have many corals in it yet because the ones I do have are not looking good. I had a 235 gal tank in my last house in the wall, it was beautifull, it is nice when they are in the wall so you dont have all the noise. I am guessing since yours is in your garage your living room where your tank display is must be reasonably quiet. Thanks for the pictures, I have had reef tanks for the last 14 years and have read alot of books and spent alot of time on the internet looking at pictures and do think yours is by FAR the nicest tank I have ever seen, not just the visual tank but how it is set up also. You should be very proud of a huge accomplishment.
P.S - what is your web site URL ???


First of all great tank!!! I'm in awe. I just started out in this great hobby and that is what I want!
My question is would it be worth it to put an Aquacontroller pro on a 55 gallon tank? I saw the pic of it on your website, and I would like to have an automated setup like that to where I don't have to keep manually checking all of my water conditions. Would it be a good idea or just a waste of time and money??