84 gal before and after build


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Nascar was sweet! Good race lots of cautions.(bush series and somewhat cup)
Will post pic next post.


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So how is everything going with this build? The tank was nice before, too bad so many problems. Gonna be better now I bet!!


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How to make an overflow with a middle schoolers buget.

10 easy steps to making an overflow. by myself, ok and my dad. Thanks dad

Step 1
Bug your parnets to take you to Home Depot
Step 2
Get a plastic panel(this is what you bend)
Step 2.5
pay for it.
Step 3
Take it home, and thank your parents.

Step 4
build a bending thing out of used wood you found in the garage
Step 5
Get the heat gun out.
Step 5.5
turn the gun on.
Step 5.8
make sure it on! maybe I should mess with it.

Step 6 ( it helps to have a second set of hand for this one)
Bend the plastic with the heat gun, till it is nice and curved. Hold it down till cools.
Step 7
do the other side
Step 8
look over your work and applode yourself
Step 9
hope you didn't bend it the wrong way. wow one thing I didn't mess up on

Step 10
laugh at the what you just did!
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Any Comments? Thanks.



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Originally Posted by spanko
So how is everything going with this build? The tank was nice before, too bad so many problems. Gonna be better now I bet!!

It is going good now. Thanks. I have fish and mushrooms in it right now just need to hurry up with the pictures. Spring Break is coming so I will have time there. Thanks.


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OK. In the "reef-ready" systems the have the overflows going from top to bottom, and I liked how they look(not the price) so I wanted to make a cheap one. I didn't like the boxes that hung on and I didn't want to drill my tank more than I had too. So I was talking to my dad about it, he helps me with a lot of my projects, and we were debating one which side to put it. ex, left corner vs. right corner, and current flow. So after debating we just put it in the middle and it turned out to work pretty well. I will post pic's on it. Then we cut off the top part, sense it was too tall, and cut the slits for the water to go throw. I didn't know the height of the slits so we made them 3in and the pipe that drains is about an 1/2-3/4in down fromt he top of the cut.
Then we put the pipe in and silconed it in then siliconed the the overflow over it. Thanks.


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Originally Posted by spanko
Okay so you did cut it down. Is your tank drilled where the overflow is then?
Yes, and yes. I have school to go to so I have little time to resize all of the pictures. Will post more about it in the next one.


Very nice! Keep up the good work! So did you drill that hole? I thought that the bottoms of tanks were tempered glass...


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Thanks. I (we, cant drive) took it over to Jones Paint & Glass and had them drill it. We were going to go get a bit to drill it but is was cheaper to have them dol it. They usually are on the small tank sizes and he did some test(sounds weird) on it to make sure it wasn't tempered.
Got new things for my tank today.

1:Cleaner shrimp
and some caulerpa


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Originally Posted by lauremf2002
cool! Youll love the cleaner mine is always so busy
Thanks. He seems to be doing good. He trys to clean the fish but the are still unsure. My dads is really big and eats the flake food he puts in the tank, can't stick to cleaning the fish.