American Idol Winner?


You..........................................................Yep. You know what,I actually want to end this they are equally good and all deserve to be there.


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jordin at the beginning of the season showed her true colors she's a bit@# and blake is talented but as far as talent goes melinda is the best this show has ever seen, but unfortunatly young people vote the most (under 18) that is how sanjaya stayed around for ever and it is a contest on cuteness then talent which is wrong...tobin


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the show is totally fixed. there's no way dolittle should have gotten voted off. the producers want some young person out there with the title. I'm sure this wont be the end of dolittle.


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i think it makes sense. I cant see her being famous. She can sing but she doesnt have the personality or charisma. I cant stand her lol. Blake doesnt have anywhere near the quality of voice but, if you listen to whats popular nowadays, thats not whats important.


Told you guys

Tske me to the top 2! Votefortheworst has a picture of a bus with Blake as the driver,Melinda*Shrek*being ran-overed and Sanjaya,Lakisha,a bald doll,and Jordin riding the bus.I thought that was funny.


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Originally Posted by Seattle
Yeah Blake is so good....Check out
AKA THE Supporters of Sanjaya,Phil,Antonella,Lakisha,and now you guessed it BLAKE! Blake beatboxes to be liked,he is like Sanjaya being an entartainer and getting funky hairstyles.Jordin is just a fresh young lady*17*that is by far the best singing 17-year-old in my opinion.I didn't expect Lakisha to leave but for 2 weeks Blakes time was up.
Votefortheworst users wanted Blake to be there new pick for 3 picks,They got it finally.And since Lakisha and Phil got voted off right when VFTW picked them it will be a Jordin/Melinda finale,Oh and the site that records all the votes has Blake at the bottom,and all the american idol polls.So your precious blake will be poof! But,that is good for him cause he can sing almost anything readily,oh and Sanjaya is one of the most famous people out there now
. I think Melinda should be crowned over Jordin cause it would give Jordin/Blake there own originality.

So what did you tell people...You kept saying it would be Jordan and Melinda.....As far as I have counted you have been wrong on 90% of you predictions...


No thanks, I don't like to endorse things like that with my attention.
But I am shocked to see Melinda gone, but she will still do well, perhaps even better without the strings from the show.