Anemone help?


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To start, let me apologize as I'm still new(ish) to all this and learning.

I have a 55gallon tank with a custom return I built myself. 10 gallon sump below. T5 lights (acitinic, 10000k and LED) on basic 10 hour cycle (6 hours of high light).

My boyfriend purchased me a yellow tang, a clownfish, and an anemone about one week ago. While I appreciate the gesture, and the fish have acclimated exceptionally, I know very little about anemones, and am worried mine is not doing well.

The tank has:
2 small ocellaris clownfish
1 yellow tang
1 chocolate chip starfish
1 azure damsel
1 scooter blenny
1 banded coral shrimp
Purple anemone (I was told it's a long tentacle, but I'm not sure if that's right)
A few turbo snails/hermit crabs

The new fish are doing great, and water parameters are normal (and have been stable for months), yesterday the anemone looked healthy and happy.

This morning I noticed the anemone is partially deflated, and has a swollen area on its foot(only visible when partially closed because of love rock). I tried feeding it (brine shrimp), but I'm not sure if it ate- the mouth swelled for a few minutes than shrank back to normal (is this normal for an anemone eating?)

-Can someone identify the anemone species?
-Any thoughts on the swollen foot?
-Should I be concerned about the deflation?
-recommendations for feeding the anemone?
-once the anemone is healthy and happy, I'm hoping the clownfish will rest non or near it- so far the seem to ignore it. Any tips?

Any help is much appreciated!!




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The second to last pic the foot looks like it may be injured. It may or may not survive. I feed my nem mysis and krill once a week or so.
You said you have T5s do you just have 2 bulbs? For a nem you need 6 bulbs minimum. They need very high light and very clean water.


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Thank you for your response. The nem actually looked heathy (deflation wise) this morning, but is positioned strangely putting its tentacles over rocks now. The foot appears a little swollen but I can't see the lumpy area I saw before.

I have 4 T5 bulbs (2 acitinic 2 10k)- should I upgrade to a larger light?