1. Panicking Clownfish

    Anemone stressed

    Human bought new clownfish. Scared of other fish but getting better. New fish was just scary. We on better terms now. My name is Clownfish. I have Anemone named Anemone. New fish seems intrested in Anemone. Don't like. Anemone seem to try and close at new fish touch. Is anemone stressed of new...
  2. R


    Please help me figure out what kind of anemone this is! It has a (or two?) large hole(s) (mouths?) in the center and closes up tight when disturbed.
  3. L

    Long tentacle anemone help!

    I’ve previously had different anemone but this is my first with a long tentacle anemone. I have many years with experience so I know that the light and water is perfect for them but not sure what is wrong with my anemone, never seen this happen please help. Please only reply back with...
  4. K


    I believe I purchased a bleach anemone and I’m wanting to figure out if I’m handling this situation correctly. I’ve been feeding the anemone krill (it has been eating it) and its tentacles are still sticky. There is a yellowish/brownish color coming to it and I just want to make sure I’m doing...
  5. K


    So I bought an anemone 4 days ago and it was a long tentacles, but colored white. I didn’t know too much about bleached anemone but the seller said it was fine and healthy. I started reading more up on the issue to find out that might not be the case. Last night it started closing up, but I read...
  6. kcm4

    Long Tentacle Anemone LED Lighting

    I purchased a long tentacle anemone for my 55 gal community tank (probably expanding to at least a 75 at some point) and was wondering what people's favorite LED lighting was and if mine was enough. I have a Beamswork DA 0.50W Series LED Pent Aquarium Light 48" from Amazon (link is...
  7. K

    Clownfish hosted with Shrimp???

    so, i am brand new to the hobby, meaning yesterday i got my first fish... however, my tank cycled for two months and everything is perfect. I also have been studying for about two years so i know what i'm getting myself into. However, I didn't know that my clown fish would pair up with my...
  8. L

    Clownfish only getting in Anemone periodically

    My clownfish only gets in my anemone periodically and then hides what is he doing he sleeps in it every night
  9. L

    Clownfish fighting then swimming together

    My clownfish will fight and then they'll swim together and then the male will hide and the female(assuming their sex) will find him and they'll swim together some more what is happening
  10. Jen831

    Maroon Clowns and Condy Anemone

    So I have a quick question. I have a Maroon Clown who had originally been hosting a green bubble tip that I had put in my tank for her. She really loved the anemone, to the point that she ended up smothering it to death. I mean she NEVER left this thing except to eat. Was probably mostly my...
  11. shehan

    Bubble coral shrank to almost nothing

    my bubble coral shrank to the smallest I've ever seen. I was trying to find a fish that come to find out was dead under my bubble coral. That was bad enough but I'm scared I injured my coral? He was rested on a long rock an while trying to move the rock I vaguely remember dropping it on the very...
  12. K

    What anemone?

    I have a 29 gallon established reef tank with medium lighting and water flow, i've been looking into buying an anemone that would (hopefully) eventually host a clownfish. The options at my LFS are bubble, long tentacle, mini carpet, or rockflower, which one of these would be best?
  13. D

    I need help to save my 'nems

    Hi, my name is Douglas, I'm from Brazil and I keep a 20 gallons nano tank. I have two BBTs (one rose and one green with orange tips) and I had to change my lightning settings because they were burning my Psammocora and that somehow it affected my BBTs. Now they are shrinking and it seems there...
  14. M

    Anemone help?

    To start, let me apologize as I'm still new(ish) to all this and learning. I have a 55gallon tank with a custom return I built myself. 10 gallon sump below. T5 lights (acitinic, 10000k and LED) on basic 10 hour cycle (6 hours of high light). My boyfriend purchased me a yellow tang, a...