Clownfish hosted with Shrimp???


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so, i am brand new to the hobby, meaning yesterday i got my first fish... however, my tank cycled for two months and everything is perfect. I also have been studying for about two years so i know what i'm getting myself into.

However, I didn't know that my clown fish would pair up with my shrimp and live together in the corner of the tank? Yesterday i got a canary blennie, bicolor dottyback, a bubble tip anemone, a occ, clown fish, and a yellow coral banded shrimp... i was expecting my clown fish to host with the anemone after everything was settled. but he didn't. instead, him and the shrimp are INSEPARABLE. like seriously, if my clown goes to eat, the shrimp follows. if the shrimp goes to climb on the rocks, the fish follows. and then when they both arent doing in anything, they sit together in the corner of the tank completely out in the open. there are no rocks there or anything. is this normal?

Also, will my anemone die without a clown fish? this weekend i will be picking up some hermit crabs and snails... should i get another clown? I wanted to get another one anyways.


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Anemones don't need clowns nor do clowns need anemones. On the other side anemones shouldn't be added to tanks that aren't mature (1+ years running). Anemones also need very intense light. What kind of light do you have?
I am making an assumption that you have a percula or oscelaris clown.
Bubble tip anemones are not their normal anemone. Many will live in one but many will also ignore bubble tips.
In general you don't want to add fish so quickly. Normally one fish every few weeks after a quarantine period of around 4 weeks.