1. K

    White spots on clownfish?

    Hi this is my first tank and I'm in the middle of my cycling process, out of the two clownfish I have the female has developed some white spots, two on each side around the same location. Any idea what it could be?
  2. Dylan7huskies

    Thoughts on keeping a damsel?!

    I bought a damsel to cycle my 20gal tank. How long before adding a new fish? and what is everyones thoughts on if I should keep the damsel or not???
  3. SOFxMafia

    Jumping back in after 1 1/2 years away- Need some advice!

    I have been out of the hobby for 1 1/2 years now and want to dive back into it but want to do a Marine tank for the 1st time. I have a ton of experience with Freshwater fish spanning from simple fish such as Guppies to my personal favorite Discus fish and Gold nugget plecos. This time around I...
  4. fishlover0815

    Fluval Evo 13.5 stock

    ho! Just wondering if a pistol shrimp goby pair and a clown pair is max for 13.5 gallon or can I add a few little CUCs thanks!
  5. K

    Clownfish hosted with Shrimp???

    so, i am brand new to the hobby, meaning yesterday i got my first fish... however, my tank cycled for two months and everything is perfect. I also have been studying for about two years so i know what i'm getting myself into. However, I didn't know that my clown fish would pair up with my...
  6. L

    Clownfish only getting in Anemone periodically

    My clownfish only gets in my anemone periodically and then hides what is he doing he sleeps in it every night
  7. L

    Clownfish Hiding

    i have recently purchased a ocellaris clownfish and he has been hiding for the past 2 days now what should i do and what does this mean
  8. L

    Clownfish fighting then swimming together

    My clownfish will fight and then they'll swim together and then the male will hide and the female(assuming their sex) will find him and they'll swim together some more what is happening
  9. L

    Why does my clownfish have a ragged fin?

    Just this morning we discovered that our chocolate clownfish had a ragged fin. I have done some research, and I don't think it's sick and I haven't seen the clownfish fighting with my other clownfish. The clownfish that had the ragged fin is slightly bigger than the other one. Here is some info...
  10. nickborowitz

    Help with new clownfish!

    i have a biocube 29 with 35lbs live rock and 30lbs live sand I cycled and have been running for over a month now. 2 weeks ago I put in some hermit crabs to clean up the tank and finally I decided I wanted to put in the clowns since it's cycled. I got a nice bonded pair of clowns who stick...
  11. Jack and casey

    2nd tank for clown breeder setup

    Saltwater aquariums have become our hobby and love as a family. week ago we setup our beginnings of a ten gallon tank to become our coral and clownfish tank, we are taking the process slow so everything is perfect, lord knows not to jump to fast(we have already learned this through our 55...
  12. K

    What anemone?

    I have a 29 gallon established reef tank with medium lighting and water flow, i've been looking into buying an anemone that would (hopefully) eventually host a clownfish. The options at my LFS are bubble, long tentacle, mini carpet, or rockflower, which one of these would be best?
  13. fishlover0815


    hi, I have a 20 gallon tank and I'm thinking of getting a pair of clowns... My ideal temp is 78f... The thermometer says its 78f but the temp goes warm al of a sudden then goes cold after 10min... I don't get it because my heater is always on until it reaches the right temp, but the water goes...
  14. fishlover0815

    Clown fishes

    I'm sure all of you had a clown fish before right? I have read articles online and they say they get aggressive if not introduced at the same time, I want to QT the fish tho, and they say one fish at a time... I only want a pair in my tank... Will they fight? Or should I QT them together?
  15. fishlover0815

    Calcium and alkalinity

    I'm really confused with calcium and alkilinity... I'm goi g to have a pair of clown fish in my nano aquarium, is calcium and alkilinity important if I don't have corals...? I'm going to add corals once my tank has reached 1 year, will it affect the fish if there is too little or too high?
  16. fishlover0815


    im going on vacation for a month, can I put some live brineshrimp in there and will my clowns help themselves? Or are they going to eat them all in a day? Will the brineshrimp create more ammonia? And will they hurt my 20 gallon tank? Or everything will be fine? Cause I might not do anywater...