Anemone stressed

Human bought new clownfish. Scared of other fish but getting better. New fish was just scary. We on better terms now. My name is Clownfish. I have Anemone named Anemone. New fish seems intrested in Anemone. Don't like. Anemone seem to try and close at new fish touch. Is anemone stressed of new fish? Me and Anemone bonded pair. Does Anemone not like anyother clownfish? Will Anemone be hurt or killed from stress? Scared about what might happen. Should I tell humans to get new anemone for new fish? Don't like new fish being near Anemone. Scares me. What do?


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First off, it's irresponsible for clownfish to use electronics lol. I'm still trying to translate the rest of this post lol.
To me he looks a bit stressed.. your fish store didn’t really tell you everything.. you should turn all pumps off and let him attach himself to a spot he likes.. then you can turn them on Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox again
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