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hi im looking at buying a bubble tip anemone for my clown fish, is thier a diffrence berween a bubble tip and a rose anemone ultra, other than brighter colors on the rose ultra, do they both host clownfish, thats my main goal is to have them bond, i think the ultras are beautifull but it would just take up space that could be used as a host anemone if they dont,

bang guy

They are the same species, just different colors.

What species of Clownfish do you have? BTA host most types of Clownfish so you're good there.

You do not need an Anemone to bond or breed Clownfish. They do require some special care so research before you buy (which is what you're doing here :cool: )

Be very careful purchasing an "Ultra". Often these are simply the Chinese Rose Anemone that are bleached to remove the brownish tint. By bleached I mean left in the dark until they expel their zooxanthellae.