any reefers in washington?


Cruise up to Renton... Fishgallery and pets.
Not the best store for fish... but they have a pretty steady supply of live rock... not all of it is cured.
Also, on your way up... hit up Midway Pets.
This store used to be really good for corals... now I buy mostly drygoods or live rock. THey usually have a pretty large selection... again not all of it will have cured...
Both locations normally know what pieces they have had for a few months and what just came in.
Good luck.


I bought a 120 reef! FINALLY I found the perfect used setup on reef...
you know the website. They are frontiers on the web.
Its a 120 gal walkaround style, 48x24x24 size, dual 250 electronic balasts, sump, with IWAKI dual pumps, ETSS 600 skimmer, lots of corals, 2 cleaner shrimp and tons of hermies, feather dusters up the wazu, 1 coral banded, 200 + lbs of liverock, extra pumps, phosphate reactor, no fish but all for $1500 for everything. Tank is only 2 years old and a IAP tank. Stand and hood are older but I refinished and look awesome. I will post pictures tonight. I bought it 3 weeks ago and it has taken forever to finally refinish the doors and hood doors. I priced it out everywhere and it would have been around 4k+ to buy new. The rock alone is $1200 new. I am just so excited. Everything is doing great. I bought a clown and anemone last monday and they are hosting and everything. I bought 2 chromis and an urchin and I will let it rest for a month (and recoop moneys as well) lol. I kept all the water so I only did a mini cycle but all is well. I think I will do the first water change tonight. It's hard to know what to do when you buy a already setup tank. I think it would be best to do a small water change though. No stress to inverts or fish though.
Excited! I feel like a kid.. :cheer:


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I live in U-district. I don't have a reef system, I'm just starting up my FOWLR right now and I've been going to The Fish Store because it's close, I can walk there, and I don't have a car. But I've noticed they are REALLY expensive. They're fish look really healthy when I'm there, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Sorry to latch onto the thread, but do you guys think I should take a bus and use up time going to a different lfs that is cheaper and maybe has as good or better selection?


The fish Store on Rosevelt is a good one. Their prices are ok. There is a new awesome fish store called Barrier Reef in Renton that has some very good prices and they are increadably informative. I was actually just down there this morning. I got a Rose bubble tip for 45 bucks I believe and very healthy specamins. Small shop but good stuff. I really like going just to talk to the owners. Also the owner - Wil of Reef Mistique in Lake Stevens has very good prices and good specamins is great as well.


If your interested in getting rid of some Zenia, I'm interested. What are you charging? I live in Federal Way and my # is (253) 874-7524.


Seattle people should list what they have to frag out cause people are interested.
so please list what you have for sale.
leon c


Got that used 120 gal setup about 2 months ago now! very hapy and excited! Just thought I would inform. Came full of corals and whatnot.