Are black trash bags clean enough to line my ro water storeage container with?


My tap water is very bad (tds meter reads over 400).... So when I clean my trash can out, it leaves some disolved solids behind. The ro/di water comming out of the unit is 0 tds, but when it goes in the trash can, the tds reading goes up. Can I line the can with black trash bags and change the bag every time I add new water so I dont have to rinse the can with my tap water?


This is what I do:
Rinse can with tap water & scrub away any ickies, rinse again
Turn upside down & let dry over night
Fill with ro/di water (which has tds reading of 0)
Take tds reading inside can & now I have tds reading of between 4-8.
Plus, I have well water with ridiculous ammounts of iron... Which sticks to stuff like the bath tub and the toilet. It dyes everything orangy color


What if you did your second rinse with a little r/o water and swish it around real good, then fill and take a TDS reading. Maybe that would help. I also know some people that clean and rinse with peroxide. It sterilzes, maybe that's and option after your final water rinse.
As far as using a trash bag to line it, I don't know if they would release chemicals since they aren't meant for food storage, just trash


Something just doesn;t sound right......That is why I asked what type of can you are using
I RARELY clean my ro/di storage I find it very odd.....NOT SAYING it isn't possible....Just have not come across this issue


I use a rubbermaid 45 gal can. Im pretty sure its food grade. I know I was looking for one when I bought it

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Clean the can with straight vinegar rinse 3 times with RO let air dry. If its still bad after that go buy a different can. I use a Menard's plastic 30gal garbage can and have no problems. I used the above process when I first got it. Also I rinse with RO after each use and let air dry, store with lid on.