Astrowars anyone?


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I haven't played in over a year. While I really enjoyed the game, I'm not sure I really want to start up again (or if I would even be welcome again). I had seen that the game kept getting hacked into with multiple bugs. Did they every fix the bug problem? I wouldn't want to restart again if the game kept crashing or if a lot of cheating was going on.
why wouldn't they welcome you with your top notch rankings?
i just jumped in again to see if i still remember anything,lol...don't need the pressure of pros breathing down my neck if i decide the start-- don't want to be entirely fresh again


WOW I have not thought about this game in about a year either, the hacking was just horrible, I got out and didn't look back. Don't even think I could remember my password anyway.


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well i dont think id ever start up serious again...too much work checking every hour to use the points etcetc....have other games on the wii i have to use all my time on,lol