baby clowns day 5


How CUTE!!! cant really see if they are cute...but still just thinking about clown fish that small!!! :D


Thanks for the pictures, Joebuck... Funny, I never thought I'd look at a picture of blurry, orange dots and think, "How cute!" but that's exactly what I am thinking. It's so cool to think that you have a tank full of baby clowns. The parents are beautiful. Can't wait to see more progress!


did you put the babies in one of those breeder nets or just leave them in the tank? Mine look like they're startin to get snuggly. just curious I'd love for mine to breed, mine are percs also. so any info would be awesome
I just let nature take its course, they spawn pretty regular, right next to the anemone. I have another batch of about 40 that are 7 days old, my first batch only about 25-30 left are now 20 days old eating well and have been moved to a filtered tank from a 10 to a 20 with some algae in it and they all snuuggle up to the algae like it is an anemone. I also have a batch that will hatch Friday night.